Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First post

So this is it.

At the risk of sounding slightly Amish, here's to my own personal style haven- a space for me to recognize the basic ideology that fashion is my everything. Using the term "fashion" loosely, I'm not just referring to one-dimensional designer labels or fickle trends which are most promptly absorbed by consumers. I am about details and subtlety. I believe it takes a lot more than a wallet (or wristlet) full of paper and plastic to determine which particular looks fit individuals' design aesthetics.

Fashion is an art. It's esoteric, and it's not something you can just acquire, no matter how many volumes of Lucky or Vogue you have stacked in a closet somewhere. This blog is for all those girls who understand what really makes designer denim better than regular-quality jeans, and how and why back-pocket stitching distinguishes one brand from another. This is also for the girls who are hesitant to lay down an absurd amount of cash for a simple jewel-toned jersey dress (brand name it may be), but who understand in an instant which silhouette and fabric the manufacturers were channeling in an attempt to sell the item. Finally, this is for those who don't immediately radiate toward the most expensive or easily-recognized product in the store, but who instead carefully consider what makes a piece special in terms of its ability to in some way personify the shopper herself.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.