Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reinventing the scarf

Envisioning this season's most coveted trends, it's difficult for me not to immediately list the scarf as one of my favorites. I love the effortless class that a colorful, breezy pashmina can add to layers of separates or even a simple cotton dress. In terms of baseline functions, accessories should have the ability to transform and complete an outfit. The scarf does just that.

A recent ideeli e-mail brought to my attention a scarf fulfilling all of these features and more. Friends turned business partners Gillian Leigh and Susann Luca have taken advantage of the surge in popularity of this accessory and have redefined its basic properties, resulting in the Leigh & Luca scarf that multi-tasks as a blanket, headwrap, sarong and beach mat. If versatility was a product, this would be it without a doubt.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Belle du jour

There are always those names that stand out among my valley of familiars- recurring designer garments which I ogle at but shy away from because the name lies just outside my boundaries of safety. Sigerson Morrison is one of these big shot shoe designers whose pieces I no doubt respect (it comes with the territory, literally and figuratively), yet don't have much to show for when it comes to my closet. The Belle by Sigerson Morrison line has become a regular feature at Zappos and Shopbop, and I've found a number of their designs to be functional and/or inspiring. With styles ranging from those reminiscent of the classy 1940's to others of the much more lively 1960's and '70's, Belle by Sigerson Morrison bridges the gap between decades and tastes to a common ground of just plain chic.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Few collections better represent this season's key pieces than Shopbop's Winter Lookbook. With an emphasis on solid colors and thicker fabrics, all the outfits have a certain air about them indicating a progression from autumn to the present. The lookbook is peppered with all kinds of cold-weather statements, from a street-chic look centered around Unknown Factory jeans and chunky black Pour La Victoire heels, to a single party-ready piece: a strapless Juicy Couture LBD. Fun dresses by Rachel Pally and Elie Tahari present a contrast to the darker-hued pieces that make up a majority of the album, proving that winter doesn't mean black and charcoal and black and charcoal alone.

The next four looks are my favorites of the group. While they may not be the most daring or innovative, they sum up what winter means for me: layers, darks and consistency in its finest form.


Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

Monday, December 1, 2008

A throwback

Who doesn't remember the very first season of Laguna Beach? (To jog your memory: MTV follows around a handful of ridiculously good-looking SoCal kids who were ballin' outrageous before The Hills even existed.) Amidst all that Cabo drama and those poolside gossip sessions, I'd like to pinpoint a certain Lauren Conrad who was then fond of sporting bright C&C tanks and 7FAM jeans with flip flops. In analyzing her former casual California style, it's pretty much essential to highlight an accessory paramount to her look- the white Melie Bianco.

I'll admit to quickly falling head-over-heels for the white convertible hobo- I purchased it for a modest $58 (plus tax for my fellow Delawareans) at the Veronica M during my visit to California in summer 2005. The knotted side detailing adds a subtle charm and playfulness, while the strap's soft metal studs and different sized rings hold the bag together in a more structured fashion. What's even more intriguing about this piece is that the shoulder strap snaps off on both sides to offer five different bags for the price of one. Brilliant.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

Here's the...

Skinny on dark jeans: they're a staple piece of any petite girl's wardrobe throughout the seasons.

Before my recent post-Thanksgiving bender, I was surviving on a few pairs of trusty bottoms, the most comfortable and sleek of which being a pair of pants I bought last spring at a local boutique for more than 60% off the regular price. Comfortable, sleek and a triple-sticker markdown. Crazy? Not really. Meet my black J Brand skinny jeans.

Katie Holmes wearing "The Deal" from

Besides the fact that I had to get the hems taken up a few inches (How standard, yes?), these jeans are perfection in designer denim form. Never before have I owned a pair of pants that fit so well and demanded attention with such an understated elegance. J Brand's simplicity is uncanny. Aside from the characteristic deep yellow stitching (which probably goes unnoticed except to enthusiasts like myself), there is literally nothing else about the brand that can be imitated, especially not the fit, which is probably what entices so many to become loyal customers.

Again, it's an understood treasure belonging only to a particular group. J Brand lovers need not strut around with a label plastered all across the back of their jeans- the fellow select few will notice and appreciate. Plus, with a less-than-30-inch inseam, it's virtually impossible for a pair of these to make a girl look anything but put together. Often, people don't realize this product's true versatility; black skinny jeans can double as a thicker pair of leggings under boots during winter or hold their own paired with a few layered tissue-thin tunic tops and flat gladiator sandals. No matter how you wear them, J Brand skinny's will surely accentuate a slim figure but still permit movement. Really, besides peace among nations and an end to world hunger, what more could you ask for?

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First post

So this is it.

At the risk of sounding slightly Amish, here's to my own personal style haven- a space for me to recognize the basic ideology that fashion is my everything. Using the term "fashion" loosely, I'm not just referring to one-dimensional designer labels or fickle trends which are most promptly absorbed by consumers. I am about details and subtlety. I believe it takes a lot more than a wallet (or wristlet) full of paper and plastic to determine which particular looks fit individuals' design aesthetics.

Fashion is an art. It's esoteric, and it's not something you can just acquire, no matter how many volumes of Lucky or Vogue you have stacked in a closet somewhere. This blog is for all those girls who understand what really makes designer denim better than regular-quality jeans, and how and why back-pocket stitching distinguishes one brand from another. This is also for the girls who are hesitant to lay down an absurd amount of cash for a simple jewel-toned jersey dress (brand name it may be), but who understand in an instant which silhouette and fabric the manufacturers were channeling in an attempt to sell the item. Finally, this is for those who don't immediately radiate toward the most expensive or easily-recognized product in the store, but who instead carefully consider what makes a piece special in terms of its ability to in some way personify the shopper herself.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.