Monday, January 24, 2011

Blah blah blah

Right. So I know there's something off about this look; I'm very much aware that a snug schoolboy blazer with golden anchor buttons in no way, shape or form warrants a pair of genuine cowboy boots, but I'd actually like to action this type of ensemble come spring. What up, darty season. I can feel you already...

Boys (8-20) Blazer
Izod, $50

Super Skinny Racerback Tank
BDG, $16

Gardenia Necklace
J. Crew, $118

Cutoff Denim Shorts
Urban Renewal, $28

N4540 5/4
Luchesse, $335

Heritage Weave "Avery" Hobo
Cole Haan, $348

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

WiNK (-y faces unacceptable)

As does every NYC-phile, I have lot of favorite city spots, but with locations in SoHo, Uptown and on Lex, WiNK is by far the fairest of them all (okay, three-way tie with Scoop and Olive and Bette's, one of my favorites since age ten). Now that that's out in the open, I hereby declare that I will forever associate WiNK's in-house label with flowy silk dresses and bright, punchy blouses-- and vice versa. The colors and textures are wholeheartedly representative of the brand, thus creating its own visual textbook definition among my spectrum of stylistic differentiation.

Organizing my GMail address book this morning, I got a bittersweet reminder of my summer in the city when I came across the contact information of WiNK's undeniably baller founder and manager, Ilse Werther. Talk about dream job. How awesome was it for me to browse the Columbus Ave. store (aka heaven), inquire about retail opportunities, receive the card of the company's manager, then see her in real life... on The City? OMG is right, boys and girls. (Side note: thank you to Theresa Breitton, once again, for opening my eyes to the actual relevance of MTV to my life... seen only once in a blue moon, it tends to make an appearance every once in awhile.)

This all being said, I hate missing out on the good stuff just because I don't go to school in the best city in the world. So here begins my mini-story's happy ending: words can't begin to express my sheer joy upon seeing the banner stating, "ONLINE WAREHOUSE SALE: UP TO 80% OFF". Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Side Show Mesh Skirt
Free People, $39

Britney Blazer
WiNK, $66

Taryn Blouse
WiNK, $46

Brette Velvet Burnout Dress
Dolce Vita, $79

Marcel Dress
Valerie Tolosa, $88

Annie Velvet Dress
Myne, $100

Tony Romper
TT Collection, $100

Sequin Splash Shorts
LaROK, $119

Lover Short
Rich and Skinny, $56

Fringe Round Scarf
Left Coast by Dolan, $13

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

Bare-boned inspiration

Self-explanatory. Here's an ode to my very favorite fashion bloggers, in all of their stylish glory. (Necessary disclaimer: I don't own any of these images, nor am I claiming credit for them.) When I'm baller, I will for sure have an entourage as legitimate as this. Happy 2011, bitches.

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Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I want the whole world

I went a little crazy Tuesday. I don't think there's a more perfect term to describe my impulsive / resourceful behavior than "engaging in a spree". Oopsies. These actions can absolutely be attributed to Theresa Breitton's presence, which is more than anything, truly wonderful. (If you want a little insight into how our brains work, please feel free to take a peek at my Twitter. I'm such a kindhearted individual, no?) Regardless, being the bottom-of-the-iceberg slightly bitchy nicest-girl-ever is not what leads me to receive the regular, "You know fashion. Let me ask you something" 's. I'd like to think my refined judgment and zeal regarding personal style, however, is.

That being said, enter my recent purchases circa two nights ago.

Multi Knit Sweater Cardigan
Forever 21, $28:
At first glance, I was skeptical about the legitimacy of this piece. On the (perpetually sloppy) rack, this sweater kind of looked like a tragic lump of unwanted fabric, dusted slightly with a hint of glitter. After putting it on though, it's like the boho-chic fashion gods approved. Even with my ultra-petite frame, the sleeves don't even come close to swallowing up my arms and twig-thin wrists. If anything, the volume of the sleeves is what adds to the drama of the entire piece itself. Fortunate timing for me, my fellow Delaware fashionphile and newest bff, Melanie Rose was also browsing the Christiana XXI and I received her sign-off to purchase it after providing an elucidated rebuttal about why I couldn't find a comparable piece at Family Thrift Center. Thanks again, young grasshoppa.

Striped Purl Knit Top
Forever 21, $13:
Seriously? $13 for a blouse this versatile? Only at Forever. Hopefully it doesn't get snagged on something at a party then unravel as the night goes on...

And so begin the H&M purchases. I came in with the intention of purchasing the pair of acid wash leggings I had seen the day after Christmas, only to discover they had disappeared from the original back-right section of the store. Lame. I grabbed this grommet belt and moved on.

Gold Grommet Belt
H&M, $6

To my delight, I found the acid wash leggings on my way out. So excited to break these out in a frat basement and freak people out. As I told Amanda, I've been getting addicted to the shock factor of outfits, so I can proudly say I've been carrying out my first resolution very well (see: outfit I wore to Toscana / Kid Shelleen's last night).

And one final thing to ponder (among many...), what about these Deena & Ozzy lace-up combat boots? They were kind of stiff to the touch, and the arch of the heel was unbearable. But for $30, I almost had to get them. Even though I mentioned here that a foldover or sweater-knit top would be prerequisites for my single pair of laced combat boots, I was really drawn to these (or the price, at least) and can't decide if I should go back and get them. I could be throwing away a huge investment here (or, just $30), but as was the theme this weekend, "let fate decide". Thoughts?

Heeled Lace-Up Boot
Deena & Ozzy, $30 (from $78)

Shit, now I really want them. We'll see what happens with this mini-blizzard tomorrow...

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.