Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Muse du jour / past 2 months

Due to my "impending grad", I haven't posted since Spring Break. Ouch. My Gmail fashion account inbox now stands at 9,156 new messages. This actually pains me, but better late than never. Meet my newest musegirl, Harley Viera Newton. With her haphazard layering and juxtaposition of drapey silks with faded cottons, she serves as the textbook definition of the style that continues to inspire me: cohesive yet carefree lived-in boho chic.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.


  1. I like all the looks especially the ones with the orange bag.


  2. Great pics!! Lusting this blog :) following you!


  3. nice photos! omg nearly 10k emails in your inbox hahaha i would die if i left them unchecked! thanks so much for your comments girl :) you're so rad!! xx

  4. love her style too!x

  5. harley is awesome! she has great fashion sense too-- wearing clothes that look totally comfy yet extremely chic. i'm a new follower. hope you follow back.no pressure though.lol

    hey bloggers! let's all follow each other so we can exchange ideas! just let me know through comments if you're already my follower so i can follow back. deal?! kisses!


  6. Great photos - love the kelsey platform wedge! Jeffrey Campbell is my hereo! AH. Great blog, I absolutely adore it and hope that if you have time you can make your way over to mine!
    The Internet Garbage

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