Monday, January 12, 2009

Sleep well and dream sweet

There's something about delicate, lacy slip dresses that beckons for romantic evenings filled with champagne, rose petals and scented candles. If, however, your life doesn't happen to be a fairytale love story, comfy loungewear pieces are perfect for easing the transition between being awake and dreaming. But why let the fun end at the bedroom? If worn properly, sleepwear can serve as a perfectly acceptable and even intriguing alternative to a typical day-to-day look.

Sparkle & Fade Antique Applique Slip, $39.99

Simple slips (those with even less detailing than on the one pictured above) can double as lightweight day dresses when paired with a thin cardigan sweater and layered necklaces, perhaps finished off with a dainty pair of embellished flats and a structured purse for a flirty daytime look. Voila! You've just constructed an entire outfit without even having to leave bed. Congrats.

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