Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 1.0

How clever, right? But in the spirit of honoring what could have possibly been the very best weekend of my life, I think it's appropriate to concretely address my sartorial goals for the upcoming year. 2011. How the fuck did we get here? I honestly didn't think I'd make it past first semester freshman year (which happened, but just barely). Now, I'm sitting here with my sixth BlackBerry and officially-retired cognac H&M cross body bag (which has since been replaced by an Ann Taylor semi-quilted black leather gold-chain-link satchel, similar to the one below sans the bow, and half the quilting), and wondering what I can actively do in these next five (less than five, really) months in terms of improving myself before the culmination of this entire college experience: graduation.

Bow Quilting Single Shoulder Bag
Marc Jacobs, $550

I know this post sounds like it's headed somewhere lame and nostalgic, but one has to wonder what these past four years would have been like without say, my beloved/necessary Calloway locker, breakout room #117B (more recently, C), and of course, fratting hard and often. Engrossing myself completely in my studies and social life at Wake has influenced me in ways, but I still vow not to fall victim to engrossing myself in its rather defined culture of dress. After spending the past celebratory weekend in my favorite city in the world, something innate challenged me to go riskier than ever before. Marbled acid-wash denim leggings paired with 6-inch suede-velvet over-the-knee boots (foldover, and thus convertible to thigh-highs)? Done. I can't wait to see the look on people's faces when I break out my silver sequin shorts or massively torn jean cutoffs (thanks to a single day party, in fact) over a pair of sheer black tights to a lounge party. We shall see.

535 Legging in Old School
Levi's, $32

In keeping with my goal of making goals, here are the resolutions I've established, listed in descending order of urgency. (If you know me at all, this should not surprise you one bit.)

1. Yes, an outfit may look like it works. But would it make a statement when getting drinks at Soho House? If the answer is no, it'll be my duty to make it more interesting. For an outfit to be truly awesome, something should look a bit off about it. Being too obviously and consciously put-together is overrated. Effortless layering is way more fun. Unless I'm going to a business casual event or networking dinner, there are no excuses to looking shamefully safe and commonplace.

My philosophy of balance and layering in a nutshell, courtesy of LF Trend Reports. Nicely done, and totally inspirational. Shoutout to Kara Fabella on this one.

2. Make heels a regular occurrence. I'm absolutely not talking about some unnecessary pointy-toe stilettos, but rather, over-the-knee boots, gladiator wedges or heeled combat boots. It's normal in the city, so why can't it be here, too?

3. Make a constant effort to accessorize. This has been my goal since seventh grade, and I'll admit, to this day, I still haven't mastered it successfully. Don't get intimidated by how much a necklace or earrings will drastically improve the dimensions of the outfit. In the end, the ROI of taking the time to pick out the piece will be well worth it. Scarves are good, too, as long as I don't lose them...

4. Wear fur, studs, fringe, cut-out and leather at Wake, somehow, some way.

Wow. Seriously, what would people do if I tried to channel Posh or L. Lo while walking through the Swan Room? Lolz.

5. Look for pieces in places I wouldn't normally go. This break, instead of heading to the usual trusty suspects, I ventured out of my way and made some of my most versatile purchases (imported cowboy boots, oversized flannels and black suede lace-up booties) at Zane Western Apparel, Kohl's and Traffic... I'm dead serious. Initially cringe-inducing, yes, but after taking the time to filter out the 99% of absolutely heinous stuff, it's completely worth it.

6. Actually go thrifting. Man up. Stop being a snob, accept that other people previously owned these items and recognize that this may be the best $6 I ever spent on a jacket or knit sweater.

Both of these little boys' blazers (1, 2) were less than $5 from thrift stores. Baller.

7. Invest in blazers. Differentiate from my beloved black, pinstripe-lined original and explore different color palettes and textures, like velvet and herringbone.

8. Research a new coveted celebrity every few weeks and incorporate elements of his/her personal style into my own outfits on a daily basis.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.


  1. such great resolutions. I'm definitely trying to wear heels more often. And believe me thrifting is so addicting you will love it once you get some good finds. I have picked up Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, and Chanel all from thrift stores!

    Love your blog! I'm now following!

    xxo Tess S.

  2. wow I love your post and resolutions :) I like that bag!



    The Flower Girl


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