Friday, December 24, 2010

Slight attention deficit

I was researching up on my new source of inspiration, Trolley Square's Miss Dallas Shaw (post coming later), when I came across this blog created by image and wardrobe consultant, Greenville's own JoJami Tyler. Sounds like the most fun and baller job EVER. Real life aside, I found a post that featured the most beautiful over-the-knee boots I have ever seen in my entire life. Simple but not bland, worn but not rugged, Tory Burch but not the Reva flat. I'm undeniably in love. Pure fashion perfection.

Elena Over-the-Knee Boot
Tory Burch, $550

And while we're on the topic of visual perfection, why not allot a few minutes just to contemplate how stunning, gorgeous, hot, beautiful, incredible, fabulous and ultimately extraordinary Sienna Miller is? Gawd. These captures are from Alfie, one of the most depressing yet lesson-to-be-learned movies of all time, even if I was enjoying it with the best possible company (second family) in the best possible place (One River Place, apartment #428). But yeah, sucks to be Mr. Perpetual Bachelor, no? Someone cleely needs to watch this movie, maybe learn a thing or two... probz not though. xoxo gossip girl circa summer 2010. The second half of this post is dedicated in its entirety to Theresa Breitton and Yuri Bong. Love you both more than words could ever say lolz.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.


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