Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Seriously, the more "enlightened" I become by the existence of revoltingly-preppy (read: boring, conservative, and risk-averse) Plain-Janes who claim they are these earth-shattering fashionistas, the more I want to continue harshly scrutinizing their so-limited creativity, shred anything I own that remotely reminds me of going to school in the South, and then invite their pastel-piqué-cotton-sporting selves to do the entire fashionsphere a favor by kindly jumping off a cliff (and taking their painfully-awful Vineyard Vines totes with them, while they're at it). Aggressive, violent, geedy? Yes. But to call these sentiments unwavering would be an egregious understatement, especially as a seasoned fourth-year undergraduate whose summer was spent socialite-ing around the world's greatest city and being exposed day-in and day-out to what fashion truly means. Attention all die-hard Jack Rogers and Vera Bradley fans aka logo-obsessed fools: I dare you to spend an afternoon in Chelsea. Yup. Enjoy being ripped to shreds by people with aesthetic standards that aren't shallow as a shower.

Here's an inspirational outfit that if attempted in Winston-Salem would undeniably warrant snide comments from just-left-the-kitchen slampieces and confused stares from frat daddies (all hail the mighty and magnificent Man Repeller).

Lace Tee
Kimchi Blue, $32

Venice Denim Shorts
Friend of Mine, $165

Leather Double Keeper Tipped Waist or Hip Belt
ASOS, $34

RSASKTH1 Polyester Solid Thigh-High Sock
American Apparel, $16

Bowmer Suede Wedge Heel
Aldo, $100

The Bike Bag
Madewell, $98

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I really fucking want the Lita's. Now.

Lita, Pewter Glitter
Jeffrey Campbell, $160

LOLZ how would people react if they saw me doing finance problems while I was sporting these, along with my brand-new white Studio Beats? Social experiment time.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.


  1. "RSASKTH1 Polyester Solid Thigh-High Sock, American Apparel, $16"
    Just one sock? Do you get to pick which one you want? Tee hee

  2. Ilove that first blouse and all the shoes. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too, soon.


  3. what a fun little blog! I love the posts with key pieces xo -nb

  4. I love the sheer white! Gorgeous. And of course, loving the Jeffrey Campbell boots, however, I'm hoping to get the black ones!