Monday, March 7, 2011

Winter Wrap-up: Part I

It's March. Damn. How did I make it here? Meaning when I return from so-called spring break, darty season will be in full swing, I will be taking a grand total of three classes and my since-endless quest for fur and the perfect pair of lace-up heeled combat boots will be rendered obsolete. Regardless, Shopbop's self-proclaimed Long-Awaited Winter Sale has been the source of not one, but many lady boners. Lush fabrics, intricate beading and airy draped blouses? Drool.

Warning: thanks to midterms/being 21 consuming my life, I've slightly neglected my poor little rich blog. As a result, this is kind of a loaded post.

Asabi Strapless Dress
camilla and marc, $790 $553

Tulle Ballerina Skirt
Haute Hippie, $395 $277

Scalloped Dress
Robert Rodriguez, $594 $416

Karolina Dress
Sachin + Babi, $425 $298

Piper Top
Joie, $368 $258

Texture: So much three-dimensional movement here. I'm positively in awe. The first camilla and marc dress is actually so elegant it hurts. The drape and flounce potential of these looks reminded me oh-so-fondly of Man Repeller's "vag couture post", and warrants opposite bodycon separates to strike an appropriate balance. Just envisioning a cup of Everclear-and-God-knows-what-else punch defacing the virginal white accordion-pleat tank pains me, but I would definitely make it a point to somehow assimilate that fun black ballerina skirt into real life. Pretty sure Carrie Bradshaw would approve.

Little M Jacket
Diane von Furstenberg, $565 $396

Sequin Blouse
Elizabeth and James, $365 $183

Simone Dress
Karen Zambos Vintage Couture, $254 $178

Signature Blouse
Equipment, $252 $176

Bias Sequin Miniskirt
Haute Hippie, $295 $207

Oil Slick Sweater
Mara Hoffman, $398 $199

Metallic Chain Clutch / Cross Body Bag
Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson, $325 $228

Sparklies: What a fantastic name for an apparel category, if I do say so myself. This brings me back to Last Resort circa two Thursdays ago: Senior Spring Bar Night, AKA when I slightly damaged the left side of my body and thus was forced to employ the use of band-aids in the form of Dora the Explorer, Toy Story and Hello Kitty (the Ni Hao Kai-Lan ones were unfortunately nowhere to be found). If college has taught me anything, cuteness trumps the pain of frat wounds. Always. It's also the night when a certain frat star (Face? Name? Recollection? Nope.) exclaimed, "I like your sparklies!" Practical application of the term "it's not gay if you're in a frat." And to think I wasn't even going to go out that night... But I digress. A good metallic fabric will make a world of difference in any and all situations, even if the name of the piece is "Oil Slick"... questionable yet awesome.

Noel Trapeze Velvet Blazer
Club Monaco, $249 $75

Plush Sleeveless Top
Madison Marcus, $218 $109

Plush: I used to really not be a fan of this texture, but when I saw the likes of Rumi Neely working her magic on some thick crushed velvet, I began to view it otherwise. I hadn't noticed how well the material reflects in the light and how it's draping potential lies somewhere between delicate and dramatic. And who would think of creating a beyond-foldable velvet blazer? Greatness. Thanks, Club Monaco.

Tiger Skirt
Gryphon, $285 $143

Embellished Faille Jacket
Haute Hippie, $795 $239

Whistler Faux Fur Jacket
Kova & T, $330 $99

Zipped Fur Vest
Adrienne Landau, $595 $298

Fur Wedge Sandal Booties in Amber
Opening Ceremony, $520 $260

Royal Spots Fur Collar with Chains
Haute Hippie, $695 $487

Zoo: There's no denying that people (even mainstream mall-ers) became super comfortable with rawr-esque prints and textures this past season. While there were some who insisted on wearing fur vests with the wrongest of bottoms (let's say, for instance... American Eagle jeans and UGG's) and sporting leopard print on otherwise demure blouses, Shopbop shows us that there is absolutely a right way to wear zoo prints and a huge return on investment to be gained when done correctly and in good taste. To be honest, my favorite of this entire set is the fur collar with chains. Sure, the piece's name sounds like something more appropriate for a large dog than a small Asian, but I'm lusting for it though Spring is upon us. Also, those open-toed Opening Ceremony booties are so fluffy and weird that I can't help but want them.

And we'll save the rest for later. Time for homegirl over here to indulge in some cheesecake and discover the enhanced wonders of music through my pristine white Studio Beats (thanks again, Gilberto... love you xoxo). More coming soon... I promise I'll try my very best until then to refrain from happy Asian bouncing in all of my sincere excitement.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.


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