Monday, December 1, 2008

Here's the...

Skinny on dark jeans: they're a staple piece of any petite girl's wardrobe throughout the seasons.

Before my recent post-Thanksgiving bender, I was surviving on a few pairs of trusty bottoms, the most comfortable and sleek of which being a pair of pants I bought last spring at a local boutique for more than 60% off the regular price. Comfortable, sleek and a triple-sticker markdown. Crazy? Not really. Meet my black J Brand skinny jeans.

Katie Holmes wearing "The Deal" from

Besides the fact that I had to get the hems taken up a few inches (How standard, yes?), these jeans are perfection in designer denim form. Never before have I owned a pair of pants that fit so well and demanded attention with such an understated elegance. J Brand's simplicity is uncanny. Aside from the characteristic deep yellow stitching (which probably goes unnoticed except to enthusiasts like myself), there is literally nothing else about the brand that can be imitated, especially not the fit, which is probably what entices so many to become loyal customers.

Again, it's an understood treasure belonging only to a particular group. J Brand lovers need not strut around with a label plastered all across the back of their jeans- the fellow select few will notice and appreciate. Plus, with a less-than-30-inch inseam, it's virtually impossible for a pair of these to make a girl look anything but put together. Often, people don't realize this product's true versatility; black skinny jeans can double as a thicker pair of leggings under boots during winter or hold their own paired with a few layered tissue-thin tunic tops and flat gladiator sandals. No matter how you wear them, J Brand skinny's will surely accentuate a slim figure but still permit movement. Really, besides peace among nations and an end to world hunger, what more could you ask for?

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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