Monday, December 1, 2008

A throwback

Who doesn't remember the very first season of Laguna Beach? (To jog your memory: MTV follows around a handful of ridiculously good-looking SoCal kids who were ballin' outrageous before The Hills even existed.) Amidst all that Cabo drama and those poolside gossip sessions, I'd like to pinpoint a certain Lauren Conrad who was then fond of sporting bright C&C tanks and 7FAM jeans with flip flops. In analyzing her former casual California style, it's pretty much essential to highlight an accessory paramount to her look- the white Melie Bianco.

I'll admit to quickly falling head-over-heels for the white convertible hobo- I purchased it for a modest $58 (plus tax for my fellow Delawareans) at the Veronica M during my visit to California in summer 2005. The knotted side detailing adds a subtle charm and playfulness, while the strap's soft metal studs and different sized rings hold the bag together in a more structured fashion. What's even more intriguing about this piece is that the shoulder strap snaps off on both sides to offer five different bags for the price of one. Brilliant.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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