Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Life in technicolor

London. I still love everything about her. Bustling tube stations, mild-mannered children and obscenely priced menu items ($46 for a legitimate sushi lunch- and that's now with the current exchange rate)... I miss House guest lists, coat checks and constant invitations to bottles and table service at Molton House and funkybuddha. Simply stated, everything looks cooler with a Union Jack stamped on it, and fashion itself is no exception.

I was lucky enough to attend a legendary September concert (as well as the after-party at Cafe de Paris)  featuring just about the most epic lineup of all time- Coldplay and Jay-Z- at Wembley Stadium. It was here when I noticed this adorable 15-year-old schoolgirl sporting a slim, lightweight blazer over a versatile b/w tee tucked into a pair of jeggings accessorized with a thin black single-row grommet belt. How could I not pick her out from the crowd? That's what I love about Londoners- being put together is the rule, not the exception as it is in America. (But honestly, the more I roll my eyes and sigh about Wake Forest kids and their homogeneous dressing habits, the less likely they are to do anything at all to wow me.)

Wembley Stadium
17 September 2009

Sweet-natured Hannah introduced herself to me as a die-hard fan of Topshop (really though, who isn't?) and a lover of River Island, where I have yet to make a purchase. While I admire the sense of cohesion throughout her entire outfit, my favorite part of all is her pair of shiny flat patent leather oxfords. These shoes are just brilliant. As a tribute to Hannah and her oxfords, I chose several inspiring styles from Steve Madden's Spring 2010 collection upon which new March outfit concepts could be based.

Tuxxedo- Black Leather, $49.95

Tuxxedo- Cognac Leather, $49.95

Tuxxedo- Black White Leather, $49.95


Tirah- Black, $69.95

Tuxx- Gold Multi, $89.95

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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