Sunday, February 21, 2010

Savvy Miss Mellon

Who knew you could learn such amazing fashion-related bits from The Wall Street Journal? A few weeks ago when I was doing research for Global Marketing Strategy, I came across this article and learned the most brilliant details about the fabulous life of Tamara Mellon.

1. Her L-shaped shoe closet (15 x 24 at its widest) has angled shelves to increase visibility of her (wait for it...) over-800 pairs of Jimmy Choo's, each shelf accommodating two pairs front to back.
2. Miss Mellon keeps a full photographic index of everything she owns. Cost containment investment, anyone?
3. Denim has its own section. Finally, someone who understands me.

   Photos courtesy of The Wall Street Journal | Fashion

This self-proclaimed "inspiration, the heart and soul" of Jimmy Choo, has even further fueled my drive to succeed in the fashion industry. Though the globally-recognized luxury brand is not credited as her namesake, Mellon was equally as responsible for launching the company over a decade ago with a $250,000 investment she received from her late father. Building the brand to its current, fashion-empire status, Mellon became a "designer by default" as the company now operates over 100 stores internationally and receives an estimated $200 million in annual sales.

With the economic downturn greatly influencing consumer purchase decisions, Mellon recognizes that women today are more conscious of value than ever before. Following the tangent of endless consumer reports, she has concluded that what really matters to the target market is creating a lasting product with clear-cut benefits and qualities that render it far superior to competitors. Though the company is far from infancy, a lesson in entrepreneurial feasibility demonstrates that under Mellon's supervision, the Jimmy Choo brand can only be poised for success in the future.

Looking ahead, Mellon paid homage to her own closet to create the new S/S 2010 line called "24:7". By remixing 30 of her favorite past-years designs, Mellon walks a fine line between classic and trendy, ensuring that every single piece is versatile enough to be revisited in a few years. As the collection ranges from patent leather, kitten-heel d'orsay pumps to demure black peep-toe slingbacks, I'm confident that one day soon, I'll be able to cross off the number one item on my fifth-grade wishlist, which was of course, a pair of Jimmy Choo's.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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