Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Miniature Love

I'll say this bluntly: if you tend to have trouble finding fashionable, well-fitting clothes because you're too tall or wide... well, that sucks. But for me just barely reaching 5'0", it's not any easier to find some magical garments that instantly work for my unique figure, especially without the constant pains of having denim hemmed and dresses altered. Sure, some of my favorite staple stores like Topshop and Zara do have petite sections, but by principle, they exhibit only a fraction of the rest of the store's inventory. According to Topshop's current online merchandise, the regular section boasts a stunning 80 dresses and 68 skirts, while petite offers a mere 16 dresses and skirts combined. How is that fair?

Petite Superstarlets

  Mary-Kate Olsen

Nicole Richie

Just because we were blessed with cute little frames does not mean that we petite girls should have to bend over backwards trying to find that perfect LBD, or rather, one which doesn't make us look like we're drowning in a potato sack. So unflattering.

This being said, it is with extreme pride and joy that I introduce the great Henrietta Pertuz, the designer of the self-titled collection catering solely to women 5'2" (Amazing!!!!) and under (Even more amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!). This Main Line mom actually gave up a stable Madison Ave. career in order to pursue designing full time. The line's philosophy is based on the principle that fabulous clothes should be fabulous without a trip to the tailor. I couldn't agree more.

Take A Bow Pencil Skirt, $195

Betsy Jacket, $325

From us petite girls to you, Mrs. Pertuz, we commend you on your brilliance and turning our dreams into a reality.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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  1. amen to the woes of being a tiny petite woman! thanks for this post lady, will be sure to check her out. keep 'em coming!

    <3 <3