Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rock & Roll

I've written a post or two about Camden Market before, but it wasn't until just recently that I had the guts enough to introduce myself to a manager for one of the stalls. Enter The Rock Boutique.


Walking around the posh Primrose Hill area or enjoying a leisurely dinner at Nando's, it isn't difficult to spot the signature RB hand-printed tops sported by trendy Camden hipsters. Usually paired with leggings or jeans, the bright, lighthearted pieces can be seen (maybe even heard!) from all the way across the room. A hot pink anchor here, a metallic bird there... it's all very normal if you know what to look for. The Rock Boutique prides itself upon creating 100% ethically-produced garments by hand; the process of physically creating the fun masterpieces looks almost as challenging as dreaming up the designs in the first place.

Paris Hilton in Primp

The concept of these cotton wonders is extremely reminiscent of American brand Primp, a staple favorite among Paris, Lindsay and Mischa (think Kitson). These RB tops, while not the most innovative in terms of design structure itself, make a mark in their own vintage-y way and definitely have distinguished themselves on the streets of Northwest London. Whether or not you actually belong to a lifeguarding squad or a yacht club as the printed goods state, they're rather perfect for a lazy day lounging around the house and I have no qualms in predicting these shirts to be a hit should they ever travel across the pond. Americans catch onto trends relatively quickly, and these tops are certainly no exception.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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