Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'll never forget when Jenn introduced me to ASOS freshman year. Sitting at a table in Benson (back when I studied somewhere else but Calloway-- vintage, I know), I was astonished at the sheer volume of inventory a single online retail establishment could hold. What's more was that they had this innovative "View Runway" tab where you could see the garments in a moving context... fantastic. Little did I know, I was in for a sweet surprise when I walked into the lobby of the Greater London House building that housed Rainey Kelley Campbell Roalfe Y&R. Originally attending a branding presentation at the creative firm for my marketing class, I soon found myself gazing starry-eyed at a frosted glass sign directing me to ASOS.com, second floor. Oh, word? Of course, I repeatedly asked my housemates in a daze, "Is the ASOS headquarters really here? Is this where the ASOS office is?" and naturally, no one knew/cared/had even heard of ASOS before. Textbook definition of esoteric lifestyle right there.

So yes, I enjoyed my little adventure and made a mental note to return as soon as possible. In whose else's life but my own would it be totally appropriate, not to mention expected, to accidentally stumble upon the headquarters of ASOS.com while causing trouble all over London? I recently rediscovered my love for the website when I received my daily Business of Fashion e-mail, notifying me that ASOS had just recently launched a US site, offering such luxuries as free shipping for American customers. Baller. Pounds to dollars conversions always depresses me anyway. Looking ahead, the company is launching its French and German sites later this year, driven by the fact that they now cater to 167 markets. So freaking inspiring. See, these are the things that get me so excited for real life.

Below are my very favorites of the over 2,000 dresses (60 pages, at that) that I perused accidentally-on-purpose after popping my dailies to start my multi-linear regression analysis problem set. Oopsies. The best part about these selections is that they're all on sale, hence ASOS-OS. I adore the frilly feminine details on the shoulders and the crinkle-paper-esque bodices. My favorite piece of all is undoubtedly the super-playful Wiggle Hem Dress, which would totally be deemed a "Carrie Bradshaw dress" according to the stylish Miss Theresa Breitton's judgment. We all need one, so why deny this personality-filled LBD, especially for a should-be-illegal $30. Love.

Wiggle Hem Dress, $30

Ruffle Organza Tipped Edge Bandeau Dress, $30

High Shine Structured Dress
Mango, $40

One Shoulder Ruffle Front Dress
Aqua, $76 

Wiggle Hem Bandeau Dress
Rare, $61

 Waterfall Sleeve Belted Dress, $19

Organza Flower Hem Tank Dress, $34

Blouson Fringe Dress
Warehouse, $67

One Shoulder Organza Dress, $27

Black Dress with Bows, $24

 Lazer Petal Dress
Rare Opulence, $78

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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