Saturday, October 23, 2010

2 years later

What a successful week in fashion. Congrats first off to Zegna (and the entire luxury goods sector of the industry, for that matter) for the remarkable turnaround and highly-anticipated growth for the coming year, recently reported about in both Bloomberg and WWD. And the partnership with Sowind to launch a not-just-limited-edition timepiece collection? Zegna is just one of those companies that does make it look fun to be a guy sometimes. Next, Rome is another target city on the map that Tory Burch can cross off her global conquest list: the first European boutique opened on the 20th. Totally a milestone. Good for you, TB. You make the Philly suburbs proud. As does VF Corporation's CEO Eric Wiseman, a Malvern native and Wake grad whom I had the serious honor of meeting a few weeks ago at the Board of Visitors reception dinner. As if VF isn't already one of the biggest names in the multi-lifestyle-brand sector, Mr. Wiseman reported a record third-quarter EPS and raised guidance, expecting 2010 revenues to increase 5% to $7.6 billion. Right, so how about that one time, when Dean Reinemund nonchalantly asked Mr. Wiseman if HBSP had written a case study on VF's strategy yet... as I was sitting right next to them, quite appropriately feeling like the starstruck undergrad who actually does write-ups on those cases, lucky enough to have the chance to be there in the first place. Filed under: Most legit dinner table conversations ever. Business school. TFM.

So, let's go back to Spring 2009, before London, before quant... basically before I was a real person. Yes, I have pictures from back that far that I have yet to post. What is wrong with me. I've mentioned time and time again that I would at some point dedicate an entire post to one of my dearest friends, Miss Yuri Jennifer Bong. (The American middle name gets me every time.) Nestled away in the first-floor three-bedroom wonder that was 1315, Yuri's stylish creativity undeniably felt stifled by the excessive amounts of Patagonia fleeces, sorority tees and cowboy boots that dominated (and still dominate) Wake's campus. With a simple J. Crew knit v-neck sweater, her trademark American Apparel black lamé leggings, a chic watercolor-print scarf and her beat-up laceless Chuck Taylors, Yuri's outfit from this night continues to inspire me. I remember her saying, "I think I'll wear sneakers... I don't really care." After stealing Matt Waite's wayfarers for this brief photo op, she  proceeded to single-handedly beat a team of senior Pikes at Civil War. Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you one of my best friends in the entire world, in all of her stylish glory.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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