Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dedicated to the whispering Robi

As much of a fashion enthusiast as I am, I’ll admit to my rookie status when it comes to non-apparel items. I often fall guilty to putting much less emphasis on accessories than my creative license warrants when I should in fact be challenging myself to push aesthetic boundaries. It's taken me my entire life to perfect my own style philosophy in terms of dresses and separates, yet I still find myself getting flustered when presented with the responsibility of working with an unlimited option of small items that each has the power to change the outfit's ultimate story. Baby steps are good, though, and I've decided to take on this learning experience one day at a time. (Yes, this was borrowed from a previous post, but the context was fitting and I was pressed for time.)

Here at Wake, accessories are definitely downplayed, so it wasn’t difficult to spot this gorgeous bib necklace from the typical string of pearls we’re used to seeing all around campus. According to its stylish owner, one of my dearest friends, this single statement piece is responsible for pulling together an otherwise neutral or monochromatic outfit—a simple black jersey dress, dark opaque tights and a trusty pair of cowboy boots. Pieces like this are what make good outfits great, and I’ve taken a cue from this necklace to step outside of the box and remind myself that stylish risks are a very good thing.

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Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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