Monday, October 4, 2010

Singer 22 Lookbook

I'm actually kind of glad Singer22 is strictly an online boutique (in my reality anyway, seeing as how I've never been to the Long Island location), because if I browsed even for a few minutes in real life, I might just die of happiness and excitement-- really now, do you expect anything less? Always well-stocked with some of my favorite esoteric brands like LaROK, Mara Hoffman and Pencey, Singer22 is one of my favorite retail sites because they constantly exhibit fashionable celebrities in their natural, candid and in my opinion, most stylish moments. There's something about tiny celebs toting bottomless hobo bags and oversize shades paired with ripped lightwash denim, Starbucks latte in hand. Believe it or not, that's the angle of paparazzi kingdom I enjoy the most. Yes, having no privacy sucks, but if I had to scrutinize celebrities, I'd much prefer real-life shots to the intensely glitzy red carpet wonderland of hairspray-molded updos and jewel-toned satin gowns.

Below are some of the most inspirational concepts from Singer 22's current Lookbook to transition between summer and fall. I know it's October, but I can't get over the lightness of some of the fabrics, and I really just can't let go of the thought of warm weather and a legitimate amount of  free time, preferably sober... not even kidding. Some of these looks might be a bit surprising (teaser: clogs and denim-on denim), but the point I'm trying to make is that these outfits are all about the thought behind it. I can imagine the ideas that went into crafting the proportions and intensity of each garment, and this to me is how wearable art is defined. Leave it up to me to get butterflies over rainwash jeggings and anything House of Harlow 1960. I want it all.

LA Chic: These first three looks really personify for me the essence of effortless LA chic. I'm such a fan of the contrast in movement between the swingy white tunic top and the acid-wash jeggings in look 2. Also, I never thought I'd say this but I am really loving the interplay between light and dark wash denim. This look really came to life for me one of my first dramatic weekends in NYC this summer, utilized first in my experience by the ever-stylish Miss Yuri Bong.

Floral Blooms: I am obsessed with these floral prints. The discount brands may have attempted to botch the coolness of floral by stamping it on anything and everything, but these outfits prove that moderation of loud, colorful prints is key. My goal is still to find the perfect button-up jean vest and wear it with something totally unexpected like the playful skirt in the top look.

Hippie and the City: This series of outfits totally screams Austin, Texas. Now I've never been to this hipster-land, but if I'm reading personal style right, Hippie and the City is totally channeling Emily Osowski and I could not be happier. Utilizing both the jean vest and those undeniably awesome clogs, the third look is my favorite without a doubt.  Talk about versatile.

Siwy: Siwy might be one of the most under-appreciated brands ever. Seriously, how freaking cool are these cutout leggings? Obviously not a day party staple, but they have so much potential in the city context.

JET by John Eshaya: I remember receiving my first JET tank as a gift sophomore year of high school. And now John Eshaya makes really cool jeans? Going to school in the south has pushed my life back under a rock. Nevertheless, I am loving this wash and am not afraid to make it work here at school.

House of Harlow 1960: It's like everything Nicole Richie does (post-Simple Life) these days is the shit. I love her hairstyles, I love her makeup and I love her personal fashion philosophy. Representing petite girls everywhere, Richie always epitomizes what it means to be chic. Though I'm not yet a jewelry aficionada, I am a die-hard fan of House of Harlow and am waiting on the very right moment to add one of her pieces to my wardrobe.

Lindsay Lohan: I will not lie-- I am a huge fan of some of Lindsay Lohan's outfits. Whether it's candid shots at the airport or grocery, the girl always looks like she dressed with a purpose. That's perhaps the one thing that Emily and I agreed about about Wake fashion. We can see the individual pieces for where the outfit was supposed to go, then disjointly, how the outfit was ultimately executed. Where confused dressers are lacking is where celebrities reign supreme. If you're going to look homeless, at least look good-homeless. It's really not all that difficult.

Love Quotes: I've said it 900 times before, but I love fall fashion. Scarves are a fantastic staple item in cooler weather-- utilitarian in form and function. Imagine each of these outfits without the scarf and the look changes immediately. This collage is the perfect justification for investing in a key fall item. Though, if my philosophy has taught you anything at all, you know there's a 100% chance you will not see me breaking my back over a single pashmina costing upwards of $90.

Loaded post. Lucky for me, images say it all.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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