Monday, November 22, 2010

I die

Very rarely do I go through phases of shoe obsessions (scoff all you want, I promise you it's true), but fall transitioning into winter has messed with my head in more ways than one. While I have yet to pick out the perfect heeled combat boot that was meant for me and only me, a drastically different style has caught my attention and refuses to exit my daydreams. Meet Zoe by Sam Edelman.

Sam Edelman
Zoe, $199

Not to too-closely reference the stylist herself, but these shoes are just to-die-for. They are quintessentially esoteric footwear. In reminiscing back a few months, I wonder what truly drew me to these jaw-droppingly hot booties. Besides the indescribably cool geometric shape, I also really loved that quilted harness detail on the side, reminding me of my chocolate brown equestrian boots (quilted Aigner logos on the sides, smooth leather at front and buckles at the ankle. RIP) which were impressively versatile. Go shoes with hardware. I love the fact that Zoe is not a wedge nor heel, but rather a hybrid of both styles. Usually, juxtaposing leather with suede freaks me out unless I'm proven otherwise, but this style is just brilliant. The fact that you can remove the harness lowers the dimensions of the shoe a bit for more conservative occasions, while still leaving a good deal of interest in place. Anything less is just plain unacceptable.

sans the harness via Zappos

Now, I know this shoe is quite the throwback to Balenciaga's 2006 F/W appropriately titled Harness Boot which was brilliant far beyond its time, but Zoe stands her own ground. While the designer original certainly served as inspiration for this style's creation, they are worlds apart. Both are appealing (please, who could say no to Balenciaga?), but I truly do think Zoe better personifies my style. The blunter chunky heel adds a greater degree of wonder than does the more conspicuously acute-angled heel of the Harness Boot. Zoe fascinates me in that while it channels a classic quilted handbag mixed with nighttime city chic, it also seems to be a versatile design that I could live in day in and day out (the feasibility of walking in nearly six inch heels on the regular, however, is another story).

This post also served as the perfect opportunity to reference yet again my undying love for the late Alexander McQueen's genius Armadillo Heels. I don't know what it is about freakily-shaped boots that look beyond-impossible to walk in, but some kind of splendor permeates these heels, making them so damn interesting to look at. Again, Zoe's anything-but-usual geometry is comparable to that of McQueen's famed hoofs; both are drizzled with intrigue and have captivated me completely. So, maybe it wouldn't kill me to invest the first $200  here and the rest in stocks as planned. I've never deserved anything more appropriately in my life.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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