Sunday, November 7, 2010

Man Repeller

What Is A Man Repeller?


outfitting oneself in a sartorially offensive way that will result in repelling members of the opposite sex. Such garments include but are not limited to harem pants, boyfriend jeans, overalls (see: human repelling), shoulder pads, full length jumpsuits, jewelry that resembles violent weaponry and clogs.

–verb (used without object),-pell·ing, -pell·ed.

Some of my introductions to the most legitimate resources in fashion can be attributed to the brilliant and gorgeous Kendall Thornton, whom when I first met was sporting Louboutin's as well as a bottle of Dom Perignon in the Pike lounge. Clearly, I had to meet this girl. Though she's busy being the shit working for Weber Shandwick in Boston, I would (almost) give my cream silk Marc Jacobs scoop-neck to have her back in Winston with me for a casual Friday afternoon wine and venture-planning session.

Now, with regards to the most curiously-titled site of all time, one could not ask for a set of more playful, cleverly-written entries where a certain Little Miss Style Blogger does not take herself too seriously. Just a single day of Leandra's posts kill me with intrigue. How is it possible to be so witty, composed and nonchalantly cool... ALL THE TIME? With the most recent entries highlighting Chloé wedges with wicked Missoni socks, fur hats à la Holly Golightly and fun capes inspired by my personal favorite of the American Girl dolls, Samantha Parkington (obviously because she was rich, had pretty hair, lived in New York and came with the best accessories-- who else could afford an ice-cream parlor?).

The UK Telegraph's Fashion section best sums up Man Repeller as "Sartorial advice for girls who love the clothes men hate." I've definitely heard the wise words time and time again that "Girls don't dress for guys-- girls dress for other girls", but Man Repeller takes this statement to an entirely new level and I could not be more pleased. With recent respect to utilizing two hardware-heavy belts, Leandra writes, "Step 2: Set a trend and then incorporate it into your outfit. I think more people should start layering belts. It's fun, looks cool, and will confuse the shit out of the male species, so I'm going to wear two belts." Hope that little snippet gives you a taste of how utterly awesome she she is.

Below are some of my favorite Man Repelling style concepts. Not necessarily all real-life-approved, but definitely aspirational to the max.

Get the Look for Less: Proenza Schouler F/W 2010
17 November 2010:

I'm a huge fan of this entire ensemble. I chose not to include the ghostly Proenza Schouler runway models, but this innovative outfit emulates the collection perfectly. I die looking at this brilliant skirt from Zara and am now totally inspired to try these red lips with matching T-strap dancing heels.

Trend Spotting: Stolen from the Superhero, The Cape
16 November 2010:

Who would have thought I really would have been swayed by an soft sky blue poncho-type contraption? I really love the contrast of the blue and the black-- very 1940's NYC socialite. I actually do love this look to extremes; maybe man repelling will come in handy if I anytime soon experience any more events like those which transpired this summer. So xoxo Gossip Girl.

From Man Getter to Man Repeller: Leather Pants
15 November 2010:

Leather pants and leopard print... what other combo could so easily make guys scratch their heads in confusion, then do a 180 and pursue the girl across the room wearing the much more familiar skimpy-ass dress and hooker heels reminiscent of the trashiest rap video in entertainment history? This one gets points. I'm curious to see what would happen should I actually execute it.

Guess the Blogger Pose: Trousers and Capes and Fur...Oh My!
8 November 2010:

This look breathes Holly Golightly! I'm such a fan and really do want to match a houndstooth or orange wool coat with a cozy fur hat and Warhol-esque shades, just to see guys' reactions. See ya, 10-year-old-brained Wall Street guys in suits. My girls Tina and Dani would be proud.

How to Get Style Snapped
2 November 2010

(This post also includes a beyond-brilliant segment on layering. Just genius.)

Notice: Blog Break Ahead
20 October 2010:

I LOVE THIS LOOK. Period. I can't get enough of sheer tights with denim cutoffs, and the Louboutin's and crisp white shirt make it all the much better. This exudes pure chic and is a quintessential man repelling outfit.

DIY  Your Own TurBAND
11 October 2010:

Now this look is something I could try in real life. Of course, I used to (read: two weekends ago) own a red chain-print scarf just like this, but it somehow blew away with the wind at most recent football game thanks to a bit too much Four Loko and Disco Pogo. Sigh. Regardless, I love the light-wash denim button-up tucked into the dark bottoms, and those sliced-front shoes are classy as hell. I'm a fan.

Paris Fashion Week: The Olympics of Man Repelling
5 October 2010:

Again, I really want to try this headwrap business. I don't know if I'd be too miniature for these American Apparel-style pants but I love the entire look together. So much interplay of color, texture and movement.

Guess the Blogger Pose: Snorkling Sex Monsters of the Sea
24 August 2010:

Why am I strangely attracted to these Cousin It-like boots? Leave it to Opening Ceremony to create the ultimate in man repelling footwear. I don't know why I am in such support of these fuzzy skunk-on-a-shoe things, but the more I look at them the more cool they get.

Rock My Ankle Sock
19 August 2010:

The same goes for these hairy booties. As much as I myself was repelled at first, and assumed this post was a sick joke, I actually really want a pair of these things. Going back to my usual drunken "I wish I were blonde!" rant, these boots would give me the chance to try out giving myself an excuse for blonde moments, even if the blonde were on my shoes instead. I know 99% of the reason I'm so drawn to this wonder is because it's basically a pair of blonde-haired cowboy boots. I'm so smart.

Hello from Cannes
6 August 2010:

Probably the least man repelling of them all, but I am in love with this look. Of course, it makes use of several of my favorite pieces: cuffed denim shorts, a pain white tee, a leather jacket (draped and inspired by a summer-minded Kara Fabella) and fratty plastic neon shades. Even though I'd probably get stares even with this mild look at a lounge party, I'd be willing to take one for the team and try it out. Only time will tell.

Now don't you feel so much more educated?

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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