Sunday, November 28, 2010

Since 1937

It's actually absurd the amount of Madewell stuff I deem aesthetically pleasing as well as legitimately versatile enough for real life. Here's a free-for-all post with no point whatsoever other than to publish a bare-boned wishlist from now until the end of time. Take note of peripheral pieces like charcoal tights and mid-calf leather boots serving as offshoots from the lace-up combat boot and cousins of the basic riding boot from a few winters past. Let it be established now that my priority colors to test run for winter '10-'11 are mustard, silk blue (a color/texture that I totally just made up), olive green, apple red and as usual, the ever-popular plum. F/W is my very favorite time to experiment with mixing textures and juxtaposing even the most unnatural, unexpected color palettes.

The more I expose myself to certain crazy talented style bloggers, the more willing I become to challenge established boundaries and show off outfits that I'm expecting will warrant confused looks and whispers back and forth between all-too-typical plain janes who hold their Burberry scarves, Hunter boots and Speedy totes in the highest of overly-conspicuous designer logo esteem. (To Wake girl at GSO: yes, I myself shop online enough to recognize you spent several hundred on your Juicy equestrian boots-- congrats! They're certainly nice, but with that fat investment, could you not pick out something with a bit more soul during your latest trip to Neiman's than a pair of boots displaying an obviously branded company crest?) I realize it's all a judgment call of taste and preference, but four obvious designers in a single outfit via logos? Gross. And so begins my never-ending rant regarding esoteric philosophy... how I got here, I'm not quite sure. So I'd better stop before I become too bitter about how much it STS in even more ways than one.

Back to my initial intentions, presenting Madewell.

Base #1: Black Biker Boots
Starry Nights Blazer, $198
Pemberly Blouse in Gemstone, $118
Nightbeam Shimmer Shorts, $125
The Buckled Biker Boot in True Black, $173

Base #2: Brown Biker Boots
Costwold Vest in Hthr Llama, $128
Perfect Chambray Shirt, $68
Campfire Cargo Shirt in Cornflower Wash, $70
The Griffith Pony Bag, $350
The Biker Boot in English Saddle, $230

Base #3: Black Wedge Booties
Sweatshirt Top in Hthr Smoke, $68
Plié Tank in Black Nude, $52
Gilded Racerback Tank, $88
Seeing Spots Tank, $88
Silk Tulip shorts in Dark Olive, $88
The Cinch Sack in English Saddle, $158
The Leather Wedge Bootie, $248

I'm so looking forward to Christmas break when I can go on a full-out spree because God knows my wardrobe and I very much deserve it.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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