Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The university sartorialist

Sam Edelman Zoe platform wedge ankle booties. Barely-there denim cutoffs… sheer floral tights… a black scoop-neck crop top… a suede fringe vest… and lastly, two thin pyramid-studded belts and a buttery-leather hobo bag essentially serving as the peripheral goods of the outfit. Welcome to my world. As skillful as I am at distracting myself from the true applications of Productions and Operations Management by dreaming up these whimsical sartorial concoctions, I will rightfully admit to being even more of a Style Rookie than Tavi Gevinson. So what does this have to do, you may ask, with the photo of the stunningly handsome guy in the picture below?

Ladies, meet my best friend (aww), eligible bachelor Angel Reyes. As NUE Agency’s blog editor and social media director, this city kid’s effortlessly put-together style always makes me feel much less harsh in pleading guilty to becoming somewhat of a snob in terms of my standards of dressing. Crediting sources like Kanye and Lupe as former style influences, Angel utilizes his personal style as a tool to maneuver through the music industry with artist and event promotion both in New York City as well as here at Wake.

The look shown here made a recent appearance at Mountain Weekend formal in the classiest of classy locales: Oak Hill, West Virginia. Viewing this outfit under a microscope, each piece pulls equal weight as Angel makes brilliant use of balance and layering, two concepts central to my own fashion philosophy. The Tommy Hilfiger fitted v-neck knit/Club Monaco button-down match is a combo familiar to many fraternity formals, but the slim-fit 7 For All Mankind jeans are what truly make the outfit noteworthy. Name one other guy at Wake who has the balls to pull off this look successfully. I rest my case.

Bringing the design aesthetic of Ralph Lauren (not only Polo, but also brand extensions Rugby and Club Monaco) to life, Angel personifies the classicism and luxury heritage of a supreme lifestyle brand. Also citing companies like Band of Outsiders, Generic Surplus and 7FAM as favorites, Angel reveres basic pieces because they “give you more opportunity to just put together a bunch of things and make a great-looking outfit—there’s no room for doubt or indecisiveness. You have to be confident about your choices.” Speaking of confidence, things to keep in mind girls? Angel declares, “The most attractive girls to me are the ones that know they’re wearing something different, don't really care, and look great doing it.”

On the subject of Wake’s “pretty generic” fashion scene, Señor Reyes states, “There’s a pretty standard look for everyone, but then again, it’s college. You see everyone at their best and you see everyone at their worst. Nothing really wows me here; everyone dresses safely. The culture of this school doesn’t promote individuality as far as style and fashion go.” Hearing this time and time again, I can’t help but wonder what it is then that prompts everyone to adhere so closely to these so-called rules of dressing. Any famous last words, Angel? Referring once again to on-campus style, he admits, “I wouldn't really change anything. I don't think people should really be worried about developing their individual style during college. It's really not that important when you stack it up against everything else that you’re doing. As most people develop, style fills the gap between how you see yourself and how you want other people to see you. It's in there somewhere—everyone has style. It's a matter of finding a way to express it without seeming like you’re trying.”

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Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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