Friday, December 24, 2010

Amateur Hour

I'm never ashamed of and will even quickly admit to my rookie status regarding accessories. Researching, taking notes on and applying successful celeb accessory usage tops my list of New Year's Resolutions, though. If I've learned absolutely anything this year, follow through is vital. So you have my word on this one; unlike the beginning of every other year where I vow to experiment with layered turquoise necklaces, brushed gold bangles and chunky rings... and then freak out and revert to my original Ann Taylor single leaf-strand necklace (faded as it is)... I'm promising results in the shape and form of accessories responsible for tying every outfit together. No more intimidation factor. Man Up.

So here's to the $32.40 (no tax, bitches) I spent on three remarkably versatile pieces, all from Forever 21 which has risen to let's say... 60% of the time ggc status. Merry Christmas to me.

Chain and Diamond Necklace, $8

Chain Fringe Necklace, $15

Rhinestone Heart Dangling Chain Necklace, $10

Let's pray that these don't break in 2 seconds and/or when I embark on my New Year's Eve/Amanda's birthday adventures beginning December 30th, 2010. Let's be real. My ultimate goal is to beat the system and get the highest ROI on the amount I spent... dividing total retail cost by # of times used = "actual" cost (Hmm, $32.40 divided by 900 times worn... would make that cost pretty low. I'd say that's a good goal.) and perceived value to me as the consumer. I just love philosophizing aka justifying all my purchases. Maybe there is an up side to over-analyzing absolutely everything? Clearly. I know what's best for me.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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