Tuesday, December 7, 2010

City sart

I was speechless (a bit melodramatic, oopsies) when I noticed The Sartorialist's "On the Street..." shot from Friday. I can't say I've ever missed New York City even a bit more than I have in the past few weeks. With endless assignments dealing with feasibility regions to maximize profit and Excel spreadsheets of material purchase budgets, my longing for catching "Home Sweet Home" in cab commercials (what was it even for, BofA or something?) and skill for weaving around inert Midtown tourists has gradually swelled to a point of no return. Sigh.

"On The Street....Greene St., New York"
3 December 2010

This photo captures so many choice words to depict the city: fresh, lively, extraordinary, inspirational, rejuvenating, exhilarating... just good for the soul. There's really nowhere in the world that makes me happier (fratting with the best friends anyone could ever ask for comes in a close second, though-- aww). Though my worlds intersect at some unclear divide, there are elements of both in who I am at school, and this photo serves as all-encompassing inspiration for this development.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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