Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Se fiesta aquí

I know I butchered the verb tense (along with singlehandedly making up the tense and meaning completely), but as D-D-D-D-Dr. D would say, what I'm getting at is the phrase "Se habla español aquí", or "Spanish is spoken here". Clearly, I haven't studied my español since senior year of high school when I somehow managed to receive a 4 on the AP exam, but what can I say? Everything Señor has taught me since seventh grade stuck. Now, who would have thought I would be applying this knowledge to my own little fashion blog so many years later? More importantly, who would have thought I would reference two professors in one post? Creepy. Moving on.

In essence, partying happens here. Party is not a passive verb, but if you understand what I'm trying to convey, it just kind of works... similar to how "fratting" became a gerund as ubiquitous among my daily vocabulary as is the word "Calloway". Double lives, anyone? But I digress. So it's that time of year again: final exams, heinous Christmas sweaters and apparently, chasing black raspberry Belvedere with Four Loko. Christmas time is upon us, meaning New Years isn't far behind. I always like to give a nod to everyone's beloved Topshop during the holidays because it's a brand which exudes such sparkle year-round. In short, if the holidays were rolled up into a sole apparel brand, Topshop would be it. This year's NYE selections highlight texture, movement and simplicity-- three of my favorite concepts for sure. Last year, I was about vintage (thanks, Mom) mixed with fast fashion basics; now, I'm intrigued by understated pieces that can be played up by meticulous details and loud-in-a-good-way accessories.

Limited Edition Twist Dress, $340

Chainmail Vest Dress, $370

One Shoulder Drape Dress, $110

Slinky Cape Sleeve Tie Waist Dress, $80

Iconic Heavy Beaded Dress, $270

One Shoulder Suede Dress, $310

Chain Back Bodycon Dress, $100

It actually pains me how distracted I am right now, so commentary will come later.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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