Monday, December 20, 2010


Not saying that understanding a simple Birkin bag reference is exactly the pinnacle of an esoteric lifestyle, but it does take something to be somewhat culturally aware and recognize these things. When else does a handbag style's waiting list generate more hype than the design or origin of the bag itself? That's why I find it impeccably clever that a company cutely named Thursday Friday created the Together bag, a utilitarian piece to spark conversation among fellow fashionphiles. Reminiscent of a six-faced die (strongly resisting the urge to make some type of quant reference), the bag is printed on five sides, daring to propose a completely new type of statement. In yo face, Hermès.

Oopsies, surprise! Declared by a surprisingly witty review about Thursday Friday from Glamour"They kind of fancy themselves the anti-status status symbol, and are somehow straddling the line between snobbery and democracy (or just brilliantly blurring it), kind of like Karl Lagerfeld saying it's his duty to do a line for Macy's." Perfectly and intelligently stated.

Together, $35

And the fact that the bag costs a laughable $35 is probably the most ironic (and awesome) part of all.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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