Monday, December 21, 2009

An American brand in London

Question: How much do I love Ralph Lauren Rugby? Whenever I receive a periodic e-mail here or there about styling events and  new outfit concepts, my heart skips a beat. There's a lot about the States that I miss, but one of them is walking into the Rugby store in Georgetown and being completely engrossed in their window displays and mesmerized by the outfits arranged proudly on the forms.

Here is a simple yet statement-making outfit constructed from Rugby's current website offerings. Browsing through their pages upon pages of quality merchandise, I made a vow to step outside my box, mix prints and patterns, wear boyfriend jeans with heels and go crazy with the layers. Risk is what makes it fun, as long as balance is maintained, of course.

Little Boy Polo Jacket, $298

Suede Patch Flannel Workshirt, $89.50

Boyfriend Denim Jean, $150

Skull Heritage Crest Belt, $98

This is a breezy, perfect-for-a-Saturday-afternoon outfit, complete with a strong-buckled belt that can hold its own in terms of bringing the entire outfit together. Undoubtedly, my favorite piece is the Little Boy Blazer, while the flannel arguably has the most personality. The playfulness of the shirt and jeans are toned down a great amount by the fitted blazer, which gives it the perfect amount of feminine charm to two otherwise androgynous items. The cuffed denim hem ensures that this outfit is not overly stuffy, as it still gives off an ultimately fun vibe. This outfit is the perfect transition piece to bridge a strong sense of American pride and the guidelines of British Fall fashion.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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