Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We love locals

If you're at all familiar with London, you'll surely be able to relate to my appreciation for the bustling Camden Markets which are located fortunately a mere fifteen minutes from my house. It was there where I was introduced to the lovely Sharon, Lauren and Ellie, venturing a few tube stops up the northern line to Camden Town from the city. They divulged to me, as many Londoners would, that the Oxford Circus Topshop was by far their favorite place to shop, and that if I was looking for a locals-only place to scope out other fashion-minded individuals, Shoreditch was the place to go.

Sharon, Lauren and Ellie
Camden Markets
29 August 2009

I'm a fan of all three outfits; the three girls' individual looks tend to complement each others' rather well. Key items for London fall are portrayed fabulously well here- the long-strand mini purse, the loose denim button-up top (here worn as a dress) and the navy schoolboy blazer with gold embellished buttons. Conceptually, these girls know exactly what they're doing and it is this uncanny British composure that makes me want to learn more about what Londoners frame their outfits around. Looks like the marketplace is an incubator for creativity, not just the fabulous finds themselves.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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