Monday, December 21, 2009

Making fashion history

Today's big news comes straight from my new favorite blog, appropriately titled The Business of Fashion. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves. As of today, Vogue has agreed to a partnership with the British Fashion Council to launch an awe-inspiring £200,000 fund directed solely at supporting young British design talent. As with its US counterpart, the Vogue Fashion Fund will encompass all types of necessary financial assistance for qualified designers as well as personal guidance on business practices.

The highly-revered Alexandra Shulman recently divulged, "Vogue's role in supporting young designers is incredibly important because the international fashion industry looks to us to bring young British designers to its attention and to endorse those who we consider talented. This fund means that Vogue can get involved on a practical level."

Georgia Jagger on the November 2009 cover of Vogue
photographed by Mario Testino

Talk about inspiring.

Coming from the girl whose passion for the fashion industry has always been overlooked as an overzealous obsession with her wardrobe, this bit of news gives me hope that our society can start to appreciate fashion for all the tings it truly is- a business, an esoteric art and a vocation.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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