Monday, December 21, 2009

Style Bubble

Having already spent a few months here in London, it seems almost disrespectful (not to mention ridiculous) that I've gone this long without dedicating a post to the fabulous Susie Bubble. What makes the lady of the Style Bubble so utterly respectable to those belonging to the esoteric world of fashion?

Style Bubble
8 November 2009
Perhaps it's her endless innovation that can be readily seen in every single outfit she constructs, or the fearless way in which she approaches...well, pretty much everything. Honestly, who else could successfully put together a cohesive outfit consisting of "no patterns, no prints and at least TEN colours"? Referring to Susie's recent Sunday post, I was constantly wowed by her ability to establish layer upon layer of popping colors (13 to be exact), completing the look with several belts, scallion-green tights and the perfect pair of waffle-knit gloves.

Style Bubble
17 October 2009
When looking toward other fashionistas as sources of inspiration, Susie Bubble definitely tops my list. Not only is she a creative genius, but she explains her heritage as "British-born Chinese by way of Hong Kong," which makes me love her even more. Susie Bubble: brilliant and bad ass. In essence, a style icon to us all.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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