Monday, December 21, 2009

Authentic Esoteric Performance

I'm so excited that I'll get right to the point: this post is dedicated to New Year's Eve. Whether I was watching the ball drop from my grandparents' townhouse in Queens or more recently, painting the town red with my best friends, I've been spending New Year's in New York as long as I can remember. There's just something wonderful about being in the City on New Year's that seemingly can't be replicated anywhere else.

Following up with this theory, I've always done my very best to personify the need to respect the holiday and all the fabulous dressing it entails. Last year's ensemble showcased my characteristic balance of high and low labels (a black Old Navy shift dress, deep purple Target tights and Tory Burch heels); this year's selections come straight from Topshop, another quintessential Londontown staple.

Velvet Embellished Dress, £45

Knitted Shoulder Pad Dress, £45

Metallic Tulip Dress by Rare, £49

Lace 1-Shoulder Dress by Rare, £29

Scanning my selections for less than ten seconds, I can already envision my style philosophy evolving. Undoubtedly, being in London has had a genuine impact on my wardrobe decisions, but the reality of it hasn't quite hit me until just about now. I so enjoy the simple color schemes and subtle sophistication of my above four selections. Put any of these dresses together with a stunning pair of cage shoes, a practical carry-all clutch and a glass of champagne and I'll be set for the very first night of the rest of my life, or in this case, 2010. Close enough.

Here's to you, fashion. Cheers.

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